Mobile Fuel Storage Solutions

The FUELCUBE is a compact, economic, double-walled fuel tank that can quickly and easily supply fuel on demand when and where you need it most. The FUELCUBE provides reliable, mobile fuel storage for areas without conventional fuel tanks, such as construction sites and even disaster zones.

The Benefits of having a FUELCUBE

  • Transportable – The FUELCUBE is equipped with forklift pockets for easy movement across construction sites (when empty) and can even be transported off-site depending on its rating and type of fuel contained.
  • Stackable – Easily stackable (2)-high empty, reducing the space required to store the FUELCUBE.
  • Built-In Security Features – Fuel pumps and other equipment are stored internally in a lockable area.
  • Environmentally Safe – Double-walled design offers 110% containment that eliminates the need for additional spill pans. FUELCUBE confirms that the “UL142 approved, which is a widely recognized standard for safety for above ground tanks in North America.”