Over 30 Years of Delivering Heating Oil

When it comes to heating your home or business, you will receive reliable and on-time delivery from an experienced crew. Stadium Oil Heat has been delivering heating oil to countless clients across the North Shore for over 30 years and we look forward to providing you with our exceptional service as well.

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery Available

When you register for Stadium Oil Heat‘s automatic delivery program, we will schedule and deliver your heating oil based on your usage history and current weather. Our expert crew will calculate your home or business energy consumption, and monitor weather-related conditions so that they can accurately predict when you will receive its next delivery. 

There is no additional charge for this service which eliminates the need for you to constantly monitor your tank and then remember to call to request a delivery. Automatic delivery ensures you’ll receive delivery even during the toughest New England weather.*

For new Stadium Oil Heat clients, who enroll in automatic delivery, you will receive our Standard Service Plan for free (upon inspection) for the first year! Give us a try and we will include an annual tune up which means significant savings for you. You’ll receive all the benefits of the standard service contract. 

The Standard Service Plan is an option for all our clients — from our newest client to our most loyal and established.

This plan includes:

  • The annual tune up on your heating system (which is a significant savings)
  • Stadium Oil Heat’s service plans cover 100% parts and labor for covered items. See our brochure for more details. 

Register today and experience our exceptional service and competitive pricing for yourself. 

Please Note:  *The use of alternate heat sources, such as wood or pellet stoves, gas fireplaces can impact our ability to forecast your deliveries accurately. In such cases, Stadium Oil Heat cannot be responsible for runouts and any related damage. If you have an alternate fuel source, you must notify us if your oil levels fall below ¼ tank.